How To Set Up Your Cabinet

Equipment Needed:
  • Sharp blade or scissors
  • Star head screwdriver
  • Spirit level
Setup Process:
  1. Once unit has arrived, inspect the unit for any visual damages. Should you find any, make a note of it on the delivery jobcard or waybill & take photos for reference.

  2. Use the sharp blade or the scissors to remove the protective packaging.

  3. Do another inspection of the unit for further damages, once again note it on the delivery jobcard or waybill & take photos for reference.

  4. Should there be damages send an email report together with the photos to the supplier.

  5. Should the unit have feet pods or feet protectors, get someone to assist you with carefully removing these.

  6. Screw the adjustable feet into the unit.

  7. Certain units will have the shelving, hooks, door handle, header panel & bottom grill wrapped together inside the unit. Unwrap these items. When throwing away the wrapping ensure you are not throwing away any of the spares needed for the unit.

  8. Fit the header panel to the top of the cooler/freezer using the pre-drilled holes at the top of the cabinet.

  9. Should you have a hinged door unit, follow the instructions on how to fit the door handle.

  10. Remove the power cord from the base of the unit & ensure that it is not caught in any main working components.

  11. Ensure the evaporator drainpipe is in the drain pan. (pictured below)

  12. Once you place the unit, adjust the feet to level the unit.

  13. You can now install the shelf hooks to your requirements.

  14. Fit the bottom grill securely to the base of the cooler using the pre-screwed hinges or the screws provided.

  15. Ensure the unit is plugged into its own wall socket & not running off multiplugs or extension cords.

  16. You can now turn on the unit.

  17. Your unit will start pulling to temperature.

  • Switch the unit on while you are setting it up.
  • Ensure the unit is in an upright position when installing. Should the unit have been delivered lying on its back or sides, leave the unit in an upright position without switching it on for at least 12 hours.
  • Allow optimal airflow both around the base and inside the unit to run efficiently.

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