Everything You Need To Know About Your Freezer

We have been receiving calls and emails from clients requesting information on their freezer so thought we would compile a blog to explain our freezers.


These are normal on the display:

dEf – this means the unit is in a defrost cycle

ECO – this means the unit is in ECO mode

SC – this means the unit is in super cooler or pull down mode

The following symbols will be displayed on the controller display while the freezer is in operation:

Snowflake – the unit is cooling

½ Snowflake – the unit is in defrost mode

Fan – the evaporator fan is in motion

Bell – an alarm is present & something is wrong with the unit.
           Observe if an error code is displayed on the controller display.

How long is a defrost cycle:

A typical defrost cycle should last between 2-4 minutes and no more than 6 minutes.

This can be observed on the controller display. When a freezer is in defrost, the cycle will stop when the evaporator probe reaches 5°C.

What causes your freezer to ice up:
  1. The freezer door isn’t closed properly.

  2. Your freezer is overstocked and airflow within the freezer is restricted.

  3. You have stocked your freezer in such a way that the air vents, inside on the back panel of the freezer, are covered.

  4. You are using containers that are not allowing airflow within your freezer. We recommend vented freezer crates.

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