Airflow & Stocking Issues in Your Unit

Airflow In a Unit
  • The evaporator & evaporator fan at the top of the unit sucks the air from the front of the unit, cools it down & blows it out the back of the evaporator.
  • The cold air is deflected down the back of the unit where it passes through the products, cooling it down / freezing it.
  • This is a continuous cycle. The warmer air passing over the door assists to remove the ‘haze’ that forms when opening the door.
Common Stocking Problems
  • A solid object, ie box or tray, stocked at the top & front of the shelves that obstructs the airflow cycle, will result in a short circuit of the cycle.
  • The air below the blockage will cool slowly & can result in a poorly performing unit with large temperature differentials.
  • Bottles & cans will not cause such problems due to the shape of them, the air is still able to travel passed them.

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