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Maxi Cool SA provides specialist refrigeration & air-conditioning repairs & services. This ensures that our clients get the most out of their cooling and temperature control solutions.

Extensive experience has positioned us ideally as a partner for repairs, maintenance and refurbishments of a range of solutions. Furthermore, we supply minimal downtime and maximum reliability to our clients.

Our specialised maintenance services extend to fridge repairs so that your equipment continues to work reliably and efficiently over an extended lifespan. This affords you better value for money and performance in the long-run.

We provide our clients with refrigeration repairs and services that ensures seamless installations and deliveries of refrigeration equipment. We can even refurbish old equipment to ensure continued effectiveness, efficiency and performance.

Industry Services

We pride ourselves in unrivalled customer service to ensure you experience the full performance of refrigeration solutions we supply.


With refrigeration services comes a need to asses what you need, when you need it and for how long. Allow us to provide you with expert analysis and assessments to provide you with what will work most efficiently.

  • Supply of beverage coolers, freezers, wall chillers, deli display units & fast lane coolers
  • Supply of Scotsman ice machines
  • Supply and Installation of cold / freezer rooms
  • Supply of air-conditioning equipment
  • Asset Management


Regular maintenance forms part of our overall agreement with clients. As part of our refrigeration services we will test your units to ensure that they are running effectively.

  • Service Scotsman ice machines
  • Service beverage coolers & refrigeration equipment
  • Service and repair of cold / freezer rooms
  • Technician standby facilities
  • Repair & maintenance of all beverage coolers & refrigeration equipment
  • Repair & maintenance of Scotsman ice machines


If you need to transport your coolers we can get it from A to B anywhere in South Africa the safe way.

  • Installation of beverage coolers & refrigeration equipment
  • Installation of Scotsman ice machines
  • Installation of air-conditioning equipment
  • Installation of controllers & probes into medicine/vaccine coolers
  • Installation of cold & freezer rooms
  • Movement of all refrigeration equipment
  • Storage facilities – Gauteng, Durban, Cape Town, George, Polokwane, Port Elizabeth


Sometimes your freezers, ice-machines and coolers (refrigerators) just need a little TLC and we are here to give it that

  • Branding of coolers & freezers
  • Branding of coolers

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