How To Clean the Condenser on your STAYCOLD Cabinet

In common with most commercial refrigeration, the condenser on your STAYCOLD cabinet must be kept clean and free of dust at all times.

The function of the condenser is to dissipate the heat that has been taken from inside the cabinet. It is recommended that you check the condenser at least every three months to ensure peak efficiency. If the condenser is not kept clean, the compressor will be forced to run longer meaning higher energy bills, shortened compressor life and less effective cooling.

The warranty on the cooler is invalidated by a dirty condenser.


Follow the simple instructions below on how to clean the condenser of your unit(s):

#1. Unplug the Cooler 


Unplug the cooler from the mains electricity supply.

#2. Remove the Grill

Remove the bottom grill underneath the glass doors. Simply lift the grill slightly and pull away from the retaining lugs. No tools are necessary.


Caution: Some pipework and components may be very hot to touch and there is a risk of burning the skin.


#3. Locate the Condenser
Locate the condenser. It has an appearance similar to a car radiator and is to be found next to and attached to the fan.



#4. Find the Debris

One side of the condenser may have a build up of dust and debris. It should never look as bad as this example! If it looks as bad as will be heading for the refrigeration equivalent of a heart attack.



#5. Clean the Fins

Take a soft brush and clean the fins. Be careful not to bend the fins. Never poke anything between the fins. Do not use water and only use a soft brush (like the ones found with a dustpan and brush). Do not use a wire brush or a stiff brush.



#6. Vacuum the Debris

Ideally use a vacuum to clear away the debris. If no vacuum is available then carefully brush away and remove the debris. At the same time, check the rest of the compressor compartment for foreign objects such as wrappers, bottle caps etc. and remove them carefully.



#7. Refit the Grill

Ensure all tools have been removed and then refit the grill.

#8. Plug In & Log Date

Plug back in to the mains electricity supply. Log the date of the cleaning and make a diary note to clean it again in 3 months time or sooner if environmental conditions require more frequent cleans.


Remember to always use genuine parts.

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