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Staycold International was established on 17 August 1979 in Parys, South Africa, where their Head Office and manufacturing plant are still located. Originally Staycold International began manufacturing freezers for the farming community in order to hold products cold while only using one hour of generator power. Back then, small holdings received little to no electricity and Staycold International’s products gained a reputation for “staying cold” for the other 23 hours and hence the name “Staycold” was born.  Once electricity became more prevalent, it was required that Staycold International diversified their range and as such entered the commercial refrigeration market, specifically manufacturing beverage coolers for both existing and new clients.


Since then, Staycold International’s core principles of quality, performance, reliability, efficiency, and durability have remained the forefront of their business model.  Staycold International have successfully been operational for more than forty years and are part of the Universal Industries Group as one of the leading industrial groups within the refrigeration sector in Africa.  From Staycold International’s factory in Parys, their coolers and freezers are shipped world-wide, meeting the stringent quality and business requirements of many world-wide countries.

Product Sales

Staycold International is a leading manufacturer of commercial refrigeration that addresses the needs of the food and beverage industries both within South Africa as well as  the global market. Staycold International are specialists in self-contained freezers and display coolers who provide quality Staycold Refrigeration products, as well as the repairs, maintenance and servicing of these products and their components to their clients.

Their products embrace technical excellence, class-leading refrigeration performance and leadership in energy-saving, which ensures that they pass value on to their clients, in whichever industry their products are used. Over the many years of a Staycold International unit, the energy saving features contribute to minimising the harm done to our environment.


This range includes both a variety of countertop coolers, single and double door coolers, all with a hinged or sliding door variety, and available in small, medium, and large options. 


With Staycold Refrigeration and Maxi-Cool SA you will be receiving the highest quality freezer solutions. These offers are available in half door, hinged single door, and hinged double door options.


Staycold Refrigeration underbar coolers are available in a variety of options, and are ideal for any placement in bars, restaurants, coffee shops, supermarkets and more. With a sleek stainless-steel design and expert cooling solutions, these underbar coolers are sure to suit your needs.


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